Pre Start Checklist for your machinery

30 June 2022

What is a Pre-Start Check?

Pre-start checks are safety checks conducted on equipment before using the item. Commonly these are required for plant, equipment, and machinery prior to being started or used each day.

Pre-start checks are routine inspections conducted by the equipment operator, usually with the aid of an inspection checklist. Where the checks are critical for safety, they are usually documented.

Pre-start checks identify safety deficiencies, maintenance problems, or damage before the equipment is used: Reducing the risk of accidents or failures during use.

Why Conduct Pre-Start Checks?

Checking for damage or faults before starting equipment is important for safety.

Pre-start checks on mobile plant and production equipment can assist companies to identify and repair minor problems before they cause more serious problems or accident e.g. brakes, lights and steering operate correctly, and checking oil or water levels to ensure the plant operates correctly.


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