Brian James Trailer

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The Brian James Trailer is a high-quality and versatile trailer that can transport cars, equipment, and materials with ease and safety. Whether you are a professional, hobbyist, or enthusiast, it can meet your transport needs.

Features include: a strong and lightweight frame that can be configured to suit your requirements. You can choose from different trailer types, such as open car transport, enclosed car transport, multi-purpose, plant, tipper, or flat-bed. You can also select the dimensions, load capacity, gross capacity, axles, wheel size, and operation mode of your trailer. The Brian James Trailer has a range of options and accessories to enhance its performance and functionality, such as ramps, tail panel, tilt-bed, crumbler rollers, coulters, harrows, small seeds boxes, winch, high sides, ladder racks, and more.

This trailer has a 3-point linkage headstock that can fit most tractors with a minimum of 2HP per tine. The headstock also has a depth control wheel that helps to maintain a consistent transport depth. It has a low loading deck height and a large number of tie down points for easy and secure loading and unloading. A mechanical braking system with a mechanical breakaway system, which eliminates the need for an electric brake system on your vehicle. It has a smooth and stable ride on various surfaces, thanks to its Alko independent suspension and quality tyres.

The Brian James Trailer is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a simple, durable, and flexible trailer that can handle any transport challenge. With the trailer, you can move more cars, equipment, and materials in less time and with less hassle.