Howard EHD 210 Slasher

  • Cutting width: 2.10m
  • Tractor HP: 85 -150hp
  • Rear Wheels included
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The Howard EHD 210 Slasher is a heavy-duty cutting implement designed for efficiently clearing dense vegetation and overgrowth. With its substantial 2.1-meter cutting width, this slasher is ideal for large-scale agricultural and land management tasks.

The EHD 210 features a durable construction and is equipped with high-quality blades that deliver a clean and precise cut, even in challenging terrain. Its high-speed gearbox ensures efficient cutting, making it suitable for clearing thick grass, weeds, brush, and small trees.

The Howard EHD 210 is designed to be easy to attach and operate, making it a valuable tool for farmers, contractors, and landowners looking to maintain and manage their properties effectively.

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