Degelman 15/10 Wing Slasher

  • Cutting Height: 25.4mm – 431.8mm (1 to 17inch)
  • Cutting Width: 4.5m (180inch)
  • Wing Flex: 24° down, 85° up
  • Tractor Requirements: At least 75 PTO HP
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If you need a powerful and efficient machine that can slice through dense vegetation, the Degelman 15/10 Wing Slasher is the one for you. This machine is suitable for various land and roadside maintenance tasks. It has a strong and adjustable frame that can be offset for closer slicing near obstacles.

The frame size is 4.5m, with 15 tines mounted on four bars. The tine size is 45mm x 12mm, providing excellent ground penetration and trash clearance.
The tines are also spring-loaded to provide optimal shock absorption and durability. It has a 3-point linkage headstock that can fit most tractors with a minimum of 75 PTO HP.
The headstock also has a depth control wheel that helps to maintain a consistent slicing height. It can be equipped with optional accessories such as crumbler rollers, coulters, harrows, and small seeds boxes to enhance its performance and functionality.
It has a working width of 4.5m and a transport width of 3.7m, making it easy to manoeuvre and transport. The 11.5/80-15.5 wheels provide stability and traction on various surfaces.
The 600mm under frame clearance prevents blockages and damage to the machine.
The 24 Agmaster press wheels provide gentle compaction and seed-to-soil contact for improved germination. 🌿