Farmtech GH3000 Aerator & Seeder

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The Farmtech GH3000 Aerator & Seeder is a versatile and efficient machine designed to improve soil health and promote better crop growth. This implement combines the functions of a core aerator and a seeder, allowing you to aerate and seed your fields in a single pass.

The GH3000 features a durable construction and a wide working width, making it suitable for large-scale farming operations. It is equipped with high-quality tines that penetrate the soil, breaking up compaction and allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your crops.

The seeder attachment evenly distributes seeds across the aerated soil, ensuring optimal germination and crop establishment.

Whether you’re rejuvenating pastures or preparing fields for planting, the Farmtech GH3000 Aerator & Seeder is a reliable tool for improving soil health and increasing crop yields.