Duncan Renovator Sod Seeder

  • Sowing width (mm)2800
  • Row spacing :14.8cm
  • Box capacity per box :348 Litre
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If you need a coil tine T-boot drill that can sow a wide range of crops and pastures in both cultivated and uncultivated ground, the Duncan Renovator Sod Seeder is the one for you.

This machine has a large capacity box with a lid that opens to 110°, a weather skirt to cover the seed and fertiliser metering outlets, and a stainless steel agitator shaft. It also has a weigh kit with scales, an electronic hectare meter, and safety chains for accurate and safe operation.

It has a sowing width of 2800mm and a row spacing of 14.8cm, making it suitable for various soil conditions and terrains. It has a sturdy 25mm coil tine and a Duncan ‘T’ boot with a tungsten tile on the leading edge, which ensures optimal ground penetration, trash clearance, and seed placement.
It is compatible with optional accessories such as crumbler rollers, coulters, harrows, and small seeds boxes to enhance its performance and functionality.