Agrow-Drill Hire 11 Run Seed Drill

  • Number sowing rows: 11
  • Row Spacings: 159mm
  • Drawbar Power: 60-80hp
  • Linkage: 3 Point Linkage Trailing with hydraulic Lift
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If you are looking for a versatile and efficient machine that can handle a variety of seeding tasks, the Agrow-Drill Hire 11 Run Seed Drill is the perfect choice. This seed drill can sow pasture, crops, or cover crops with precision and consistency. It has a robust and durable design that can withstand tough conditions and terrain, a large seed box capacity of 600 litres, with an optional small seeds box for finer seeds, a hydraulic lift system that allows easy adjustment of sowing depth and row spacing, a double disc opener that creates a clean and uniform furrow for optimal seed placement and soil contact, and a press wheel that follows the contour of the ground and ensures firm seed-to-soil contact for better germination and emergence. The Agrow-Drill Hire 11 Run Seed Drill is ideal for various users who need a reliable and flexible seeding solution.