Yeomans Plow


Yeomans GP398HD with 5 x 26″ Shanks and Standard Depth Control
Suitable for Tractors 75 -120 Hp 8′ Frame
Remove or add Shanks up to 7.
Crumble Roller, Coulters and other options available
Tried and tested Yeomans Quality

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Product Overview

Yeoman’s Plow users have wide-ranging goals: to accumulate water, build soil, increase forage production, control erosion, and sequester carbon, among other things.

Our plow is used in a keyline pattern, meaning that you plow along the contour of the land. The plow will make grooves in the soil,  where water will be held for a longer period of time before it runs off.

When water is held in place for longer, it will be available to plants for longer, so the hope is that it will increase plant production and carbon sequestration, and reduce erosion.

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