RX 1200HD Manure Spreader

  • 12cbm capacity
  • Rear Slurry door
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Product Overview

The EM BUFFALO RX-HD manure spreaders are known for quality. Built with precision from materials of the best quality, this guarantees the ability to spread all manures with long life and durability. Ideal for the large farm or contractor. The manure spreader is subject to EM’s three-step painting process this prevents corrosion and guarantees reliability.


  • 12.5m2 Capacity (17.8m3 w. Extensions)Tapered Body made from 6mm
  • S355J2+N Walls & Floor
  • 4400mm L x 1300mm H x 1500-2000mm W, Internal Body Dimensions
  • Manual Jack Stand
  • LED Taillights



  • Hydraulic Drive Floor, (Pressure Relief Protected)
  • 5,000nm Drive Gearbox
  • 18mm Floor Chains
  • Fully Welded & Bolt-in Cross Bars
  • 60mm Floor Drive Shaft
  • Greaseable Bearings on Floor Shafts



  • Removable Beaters (convert trailer to silage cart)
  • 540rpm PTO Drive w. Wide Angle Shaft
  • 2250mm High Rear Beaters
  • 180mm x 8mm Beater Tube
  • Cam Clutch Protected Drive
  • HARDOX Cutting Blades and Spreading Paddles
  • 800mm Spreading Plates w. Replaceable Paddles (possible to spread lime)



  • Single ADR 150mm Axle (non-suspended)
  • 18,000kg Capacity
  • Hyd Brakes



  • 23.1-26 Alliance Tyres


OPTIONS included on this machine

  • Rear Slurry Door
  • Wide Angle PTO Shaft

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