Marshall 845T Multispreader

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Product Overview

The 4.5 model is the essential tow behind spreader for medium-sized enterprises. The Marshall Multispread 845T Fertiliser Spreader will spread a wide range of granular and non-granular fertilisers and seeds, including:

  •  lime
  • gypsum
  • manures
  • superphosphate
  • urea

The feed of product from the hopper to the spinners is driven by the vee belt and pulleys attached to the inside of the wheel hub.

The feed system on the 800 Series machines includes a 2ply rubber belt attached to a high-grade calibrated 10mm chain and drive sprockets, supported by wear resistant nylon skids ensuring a positive drive. The standard spinner drive is via the tractor PTO

  • 4.5 tonne nominal capacity
  • PTO Drive
  • 500/60×22.5 tyres

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