Berends S-Tyne Cultivator

  • Number of Tine: 16
  • Tine Size: 32mm x 10mm
  • Machine Width: 1.6m
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The Berends S-Tyne Cultivator is a powerful and versatile machine that can perform various cultivation tasks with ease and efficiency. Whether you need to prepare the soil for seeding, break up clods, control weeds, or incorporate fertiliser, the S-Tyne Cultivator can handle it all.

The S-Tyne Cultivator features a sturdy and adjustable frame that can be offset for closer cultivation near fences, trees, vines, and other obstacles. The frame size ranges from 1.6m to 6m, depending on the number of tines. The tine size varies from 32mm x 10mm to 45mm x 12mm, depending on the model. The tines are mounted on four bars that allow approximately 400mm of tine clearance, which is essential for preventing trash build-up. The tines are also spring-loaded to provide optimal ground penetration and shock absorption.

The S-Tyne Cultivator has a 3-point linkage headstock that can fit most tractors with a minimum of 2HP per tine. The headstock also has a depth control wheel that helps to maintain a consistent cultivation depth. The S-Tyne Cultivator can be equipped with optional accessories such as crumbler rollers, coulters, harrows, and small seeds boxes to enhance its performance and functionality.

The Berends S-Tyne Cultivator is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a simple, durable, and flexible cultivator that can tackle any cultivation challenge. With the S-Tyne Cultivator, you can improve your soil quality and crop yield in less time and with less effort. 🌾