Hustler Mega Soft hands

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  • Double the capacity – Clamp 2 bales at once (subject to tractor and loader capacity). Cut the time it takes unload/load a truck in half. Rated to handle 2 tonnes
  • Handle round or square bales – One balehandler to shift all your bales! With the 3 position adjustable hands the grip can be fine-tuned to handle virtually any bale size of rounds or squares.
  • Huge 1.5″ pins with replaceable bushes – A balehandler that withstands the test of time. Tough enough to handle a telehandler and hundreds of thousands of bales each year without flogging out.
  • Equaliser® bar standard – Designed for ultimate control and safer operation. The inventors or an Equaliser allows you to place bales exactly where you need them, not where gravity take it


  • BALE SIZES ROUND: all sizes
  • BALE SIZES SQUARE: will clamp 35.4″ up to 70.87″
  • MAX OPENING/CLOSING: 90.55″/15.75″
  • BALE WEIGHT: up to 2 tonne total
  • UNIT WEIGHT: 485lb
  • HYDRAULICS REQUIRED: 1 X double-acting, 8-16 gal/min, 2250-3000 psi